From an early age, Jerome Royer has always had a knack for art. At school, whether it was just a doodle on a notepad or a full-blown project in art-class, students and teaches often praised him for his natural skill. But to Jerome, art was never anything worth pursuing. It was an amusing hobby, but nothing that would take him anywhere in life. Little did he know how much of an impact this natural talent would have on his life.

As a young adult, Jerome continued his studies in hopes of becoming an architect. Despite his final exam's result which urged him to become an artist, he took the more practical path and eventually found what he thought was his dream job, designing buildings. It wasn't until he was 38 that Jerome decided to immerse himself in art. He began to post his doodles and caricatures on his instagram page, and surprisingly received positive feedback from not just his friends, but strangers from all over the world. These compliments gave him the confidence to continue creating and try different techniques with his art. It was soon enough that Jerome, with absolutely no previous experience in painting, decided to try watercolor for the first time and instantly fell in love. Since then, Jerome has tried many different styles of art but his passion will always lie with watercolor.

"We will have the fate we have deserved it." - Albert Einstein

Jerome is a strong believer in fate. In retrospect, every hardship he experienced was just a sign pointing him in the right direction. All along, deep down he knew he was destined to be an artist.

Martial arts, specifically aikido and tai chi chuan, have been very important in his artistic development. He wields his brush with a steady hand and uses the movement and energy to bring his paintings to life. He throws the paint to dry movement, he slid his brush to the canvas with light, he listens to his heart.

His faith in humanity leads him to put man at the center of his work. His works are figurative and abstract mix. His philosophy is that art requires the balance of Ying and Yang. Jerome's desire is to continue to express himself through his paintbrush and hopefully touch or inspire the lives of others.





My Artistic Process

My paintings are the result of a quantum meditation.
With my brush, I create a link between the structure and the destructuration
With my knife, I create a universe where dialogue between form and color.

I transform reality, it's an incessant journey between figurative and abstract. My work is mainly based on the portrait, I study it, I modify it and I mix it with the unreal. In the end, I change its state to the image of a quantum leap. We could say that my paintings are my Quantum representation of our universe.

I practice boxing, meditation and tai chi chuan, this 3 practices are different but complementary, they contribute to my balance. It's the same with the painting, I use, the acrylic for its strong and strong side (boxing), the Indian ink for concentration work and instantaneity (meditation) and the watercolor for this lightness of movement (Tai chi chuan)

"... It's an encounter between color and volume but at that moment we are already dreaming, we are already carried away" G. Lecurieux Lafayette (Hypnotherapist-NLP Practitioner)


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